March Madness is here, and along with heartbreaks and Cinderella teams, there will be plenty of watch parties and good food to be found throughout the tournament season.

If you’re hosting a party or just looking for some tasty morsels to keep your tummy happy as you’re watching the games, we have some perfect easy-to-make snacks that will become favorites on your menu long after the last buzzer sounds .

While chips, salsa, wings, pizza, and some variation on the fried potato will always be party staples, here are some options that bring extra flavor — and in some cases, heat — to your table.

The best thing about these recipe ideas is that they are simple to make, and easily work for both large groups or some solo snacking.

March Madness doesn’t have to be just boring pizza and chips at your party.

We’ll start off with the simplest of simple, featuring some mouth-watering sausages from Kiolbassa. Whether you prefer plain beef sausages, a polish sausage, or you want to add some extra flavor with garlic or jalapeno peppers, Kiolbassa has a great variety of sausages that you can cook up however you like and slice into bite-sized appetizers.

Take a look at Kiolbassa’s beef sausage set up with a dipping treasure trove that will satisfy anyone’s taste – from left to right – the Trinidad Scorpion, Green Jalapeno & Serrano, Limited Batch Family Reserve (this one has some kick to it!), Original , Ghost Pepper, and Carolina Reaper.

March madness

Kiolbassa beef sausage with Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce selection

Who doesn’t love to dip their apps into something tasty? How about offering your guests (or your tummy) a range of hot sauces for dipping? Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce has a lineup of sauces starting with the most basic hot sauce to flavors made with some of the most delicious peppers. If you’re a hot sauce lover, you have to try these.

The best thing about Lola’s sauces is, regardless of the heat level, they put taste first so you’ll still get the burn you want without sacrificing a delicious sauce.

Looking to do more than just cut up some sausages? Here’s a recipe for a Brazo’s Street Dog that’ll make you wonder what you’ve been missing. This one was fantastic using Kiolbassa’s Polish sausage.

I know what you’re saying…”What about bacon!?” Well, we’ve got you covered.

Check out this recipe from Kiolbassa for some of the best bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers you’ve ever had. The Kiolbassa dry cured hickory bacon is what makes all the difference. The sweet, smokey taste wrapped around a fresh pepper loaded with smooth cheeses…goodness!

March Madness Kiolbassa

Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers from Kiolbassa

There you have it, some great ways to spice up your March Madness watch parties. Even if your bracket gets busted, you can still enjoy some tasty food to help ease the pain.

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