We inherently expect restaurants to follow the best hygiene and cleanliness practices, which makes our visits comfortable. We would still have some doubts in the back of our minds but would never imagine our food being prepared back in the toilet, and not in the kitchen of the restaurant! So, it was horrifying to find out that an eatery in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, had been preparing samosa and other snacks in its toilet for 30 long years! This news has spread like wildfire on the internet, surprising and shocking whoever reads about it. Thankfully, the restaurant has been asked to shut down its operations.

The local Jeddah Municipality received a tip-off about the unscrupulous practices of the restaurant running from a residential building and raided it only to find out more unsanitary conditions.

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According to the Gulf News report, the authorities also discovered that some of the ingredients like meat, cheese and chicken had expired more than two years ago. They also spotted insects and rodents crawling on the site. After a further probe, it was also revealed that the workers had no health cards and were violating residency laws.

This is not the first time the Jeddah Municipality ordered a restaurant to close down. Earlier this year, a video clip showing a rat sitting atop a shawarma skewer at a restaurant was circulated on social media, and the municipality acted swiftly to shut down the famous restaurant.

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Back home in India, we have seen many instances when the state authorities took the bold decision of shutting down eateries due to misconduct. An upscale restaurant in Delhi got shut because it refused entry to a saree-clad woman, and the internet applauded the move. Read all about it here.

Such news of unethical actions by restaurants may temporarily deter our faith in the restaurant industry but it is always a relief to know that there are vigil authorities keeping a close check.

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