A northern Illinois family is lovin’ it after making a historic discovery in their bathroom wall.

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The Jones family of Crystal Lake was renovating their home when they found a bag of McDonald’s french fries that had been inside a wall for more than 60 years, NBC News reported.

“Not a cold case, just some cold fries,” Grace Jones told the news network. “They were very well preserved.”

Rob Jones was renovating the front half bathroom of the family’s home on April 16 when he made the discovery, WFLD-TV reported. He was replacing a built-in toilet paper holder, which required him to open a small portion of the wall, according to WMAQ-TV.

That is when the Joneses saw a towel inside the wall, with something wrapped up inside.

“We were expecting the worst, we were both like, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re going to be unveiling a cold case here,'” Grace Jones, 31, told NBC News on Wednesday. “I was shielding my kids in case there was any dried blood.”

She had nothing to fear. The family, including the 2- and 5-year-olds, saw a fast-food blast from the past.

“We pulled the rag out and could feel something wrapped inside it,” Rob Jones told WFLD. “We were happy to find just the McDonald’s bag and not something worse.”

The wrappers had the 1950s McDonald’s mascot Speedee, who was used before the Ronald McDonald character, NBC News reported. The character was portrayed by famed weatherman Willard Scott. Ronald McDonald made his debut in 1967.

The home was built in 1959, and the Crystal Lake Historical Society has records of a McDonald’s opening about a half-mile from the residence the same year, the city’s chamber of commerce told the news network.

Rob Jones said there was no aroma from the ancient fries.

“Had we not been renovating they probably would’ve sat there another 60 years,” he told WFLD.

Jones posted the photo of his new discovery on Reddit and received plenty of comments and jokes, including people wondering how the fries tasted, the television station reported.

No, they did not eat the fries. Even the children.

“It’s been unreal. We didn’t expect this to take off the way it has. We just thought it was it a cool find,” Grace Jones, an early childhood special education teacher, told NBC News. “It’s been awesome, it’s been so fun, it’s been neat, learning about the history of our neighborhood.”

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