625 H Street, NE

Ed. Note: Farmbird opened on H Street in 2017. They opened in Penn Quarter in January 2021 and had plans to open in Navy Yard this year.

Readers have been reporting since Tuesday: “Farmbird on H and Penn Quarter are both inexplicable closed today. Thought it was odd.”

Farmbird on H St. suddenly closed today and moving out their stoves and fridges. The guy in charge had no idea why and told me they were leaving indefinitely. They always had customers even during the height of the pandemic.”

“Hoping the community sleuths can help — was walking on H St NE around 4pm today and saw a crew removing kitchen equipment from Farmbird. One of the guys confirmed they’re permanently closing. SO bummed to no longer have this spot in the neighborhood. Any news on what led to the closure? They were always busy. Make it make sense!”

“Have you heard any news about why Farmbird seems to be closing all of their locations?! They were clearing out the H St restaurant today.”

“wanted to share that the popular DC restaurant with 3 locations, FarmBird, permanently closed all of its locations as of today. Construction workers clearing out the H street location told me that investors pulled out and it will not reopen.”


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