Though its nickname is the Bluegrass State, Kentucky is most famous for its horse racing and its bourbon. Fittingly, some of the most famous Kentucky recipes revolve around the two. Of course, it’s not a Derby Day party without a batch of mint juleps served in shiny silver cups. If you’re not a fan of the classic, we have a few fun twists you just might love. Created around a century ago at The Brown Hotel in Louisville, the open-faced Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwich is a staple recipe of the state. Since we love a recipe mashup, we couldn’t help but rethink the traditional recipe, so our Test Kitchen developed fun recipes like Inside-Out Hot Brown Bites and even a Kentucky Hot Brown Casserole. During chilly months, the famous Kentucky dish you’ll see on every dinner table is burgoo. This comfy stew just might replace your usual slow-cooker soup of choice. Whether you’re looking for a signature house cocktail, a cozy supper, or a party appetizer, you’re sure to find a famous recipe from Kentucky to fit the bill. Time to shine those silver julep cups, y’all!


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