One of the fittest Bollywood actors, John Abraham Recently opened up about his diet, fitness, and sleep habits of an actor in an engaging conversation with fellow and host Shilpa Shetty Kundra. Speaking on her show Shape of YouAbraham stressed that diet is a quintessential component of any fitness regimen.

“You can eat healthy if you think like that. You have to be goal-oriented. Diet, and eating right are the most important. I believe and always say that fitness is like a tripod stand. Good food, good exercise, and good sleep. Without any of them, the tripod falls,” the 49-year-old said.

The Attack The actor shared that the secret behind his ripped physique is trying to lead a ‘simple, farmer’s life’. “I have bajra, jowar, nachni roti. Have pearl millet, sorghum bread, and finger millet in your diet. Yes, simple. That’s the farmer’s life,” he said.

Predictingplant-based diet” to be the future, he added that he is trying to gradually “replace all dairy products from my diet”.

“Over a period of time, I am trying to replace all dairy products. I, anyway, don’t eat butter, cheese, milk. And I have stopped (eating) eggs for a very long time. I am not proclaiming that I am a vegan or vegetarian but I am trying it — as a moral decision — because of animal cruelty. I am trying to reduce as much as I can,” he informed.

Abraham also admitted that he had not had his favorite sweet, kaju katli, for over 25 years. “It has been 27 years. It has been a long time. I do not have aerated drinks. I believe, and I guess, you do the same…that sugar is the biggest poison in the world. More than cigarette smoking.”

He also spoke about his routine that includes waking up early at 4.30 am everyday. “I wake up at 4.30 am to read scripts. I train in the morning,” he said while sharing that he likes to have peanut butter which has “great nutrition”.

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