Diljit Dosanjh is someone who carries a huge fondness for food. He doesn’t just enjoy a variety of food but also rustles them up at home whenever he feels like it. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he has a distinct way of connecting with his followers through good food. He keeps sharing his gastronomic adventures and different recipes from his cookbook. This time around, Diljit decided to cook Shakshuka, a dish typically popular in many parts of North Africa and the Middle East. It’s a delicious one-pan dish that can be saved for breakfast as well as other meals.

The singer-actor shared a couple of Instagram Stories, showing his kitchen adventures. In the first Story, Diljit shows us a pan covered with a glass lid. We can see the Shakshuka cooking inside.

Diljit says, “After a long time, Shakshuka.” He titled the video, “Diljit’s Kitchen”.

In the next Story, we can see the Shakshuka clearly. The actor can be heard saying, “Look at this beauty. I need my spoon right now.”

Looking at the video, we could anticipate Diljit’s excitement

Take a look:

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Diljit Dosanjh’s Instagram story


Diljit Dosanjh’s Instagram story

Shakshuka is an egg-based dish that takes just about 30-40 minutes to make. It’s ideal for those mornings when you want something quick, healthy, and tasty.

If Diljit Dosanjh’s videos of Shakshuka have got you craving, then have the recipe for you. Click here to know how you can make it at home. If you are looking at a video recipe for Shakshuka, click here.

Diljit Dosanjh has, time and again, wowed us with his culinary prowess. Once, he shared a video of him making a banana chocolate cake. We could also see his friends also helping him in the process. One of his friends was seen chopping dry fruits which are then added to the cake batter. They then took bananas and split them. Finally, Diljit, in a well-greased and heated pan, added the banana slices. He poured the cake batter on top and allowed it to cook for a while. Once done, he shared the slices of the cake with his friends. If you want to make a similar cake at home, click here for the recipe for a 3-ingredient flourless banana chocolate cake.

Diljit Dosanjh is not just a foodie but also a fitness enthusiast. Therefore, his healthy food choices are too good to miss. He once shared an Instagram post where he’s seen making ajwain-saunf tea. In it, he could be seen straining the ajwain and saunf through a muslin cloth. Later, he is left with a drink that looked soothing and healthy.


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