Hall of Fame big man Shaquille O’Neal has gone vegan, just in time for the NBA playoffs. The 7’1″, 320-pound has opted to stop eating meat from now on.

Shaq discussed his health goals with comedian Rip Micheals at Slutty Vegan in Atlanta, where he explained on the Urban Eats and Treats Show how he can eat his favorite foods while also looking after his body.

“My friend introduced me to this place and it’s healthy,” says Shaq in the clip. “For example, I like cheeseburgers, right. But the way she cooks it, I can eat healthy, but still feel like I’m eating bad.”

Shaq confirmed his vegan status. When he’s in Atlanta, he says he stops by Slutty Vegan to indulge in the oxymoron that is healthy junk food. “Whenever I want to cheat, I come over here and cheat,” Shaq added.

According to the big guy, his healthy diet consists of chicken salad, steak, and fish. However, now that he’s trying to lose weight, he feels like he’s bingeing at the SV restaurant.

Of course, Shaq business ventures include being part owner of Papa John’s, Auntie Anne’s, and Krispy Kremeto name a few, but he claims he doesn’t eat junk food at his restaurants.

What is Urban Treats & Eats?

Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Studios has launched a new food and travel series called ‘Urban Eats & Treats,’ in which Micheals and his celebrity friends search for the best food and laughs in their respective cities.

Shaq, DJ Envy, Bill Bellamy, Nick Cannon, Russell Peters, Deon Cole, Tamar Braxtonand others are among the show’s guests.


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