This means that, if you are walking or jogging five times per week, doing it for around 30–60 minutes per day is enough

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Deputy Chief of the Indonesian Clinical Nutritionist Association (PDGKI-Jaya)-Jakarta branch, Ida Gunawan, advised people to maintain a balanced diet after Eid al-Fitr, citing the ongoing pandemic.

She urged people to adjust their diet based on their needs and choose foods that are good for their bodies.

“Do not eat too much sweet and starchy food,” she said while speaking to ANTARA here on Monday.

It is best that vegetables and fruits fill half the plate, proteins fill a quarter, and complex carbohydrates fill the rest of the plate.

When choosing foods with protein, she advised opting for foods that do not contain a lot of oil, such as fish, skinless chicken, or eggs.

Red meat is allowed, but its consumption should be limited to once or twice a day every week. The consumption of Gorengan, an Indonesian deep-fried snack, should also be limited since it is high in oil content.

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When the fasting period is over, the routine food schedule must be applied in daily life. People can eat or six times within a day: three main meals and three snacks. according to her.

For instance, they can eat a meal at 7 am, followed by a snack at 10 am, then lunch at 1 pm, snack at 4 pm, and dinner at 7 pm Snacking after dinner is fine if one is still hungry.

Exercise and daily activities must also be performed, she added.

Exercise does not have to be heavy. Cardio exercise for 150–300 minutes per week, with a frequency of three to five times per week, is sufficient.

“This means that, if you are walking or jogging five times per week, doing it for around 30–60 minutes per day is enough,” Gunawan explained.

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In addition to cardio exercise, strength training, such as light weightlifting, can also be done. Women, for instance, can train by lifting one to two kg of weight.

Beyond nutrition and sports, adequate rest is just as important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

For people who are still working from home, it is advisable to limit work hours and not stay up late. They must ensure they get seven to nine hours of sleep.

“Think positively, avoid stress, do not smoke and drink alcohol, and do all beneficial social activities to maintain mental health,” she elaborated.

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