These recipes are here to prove that sodas aren’t just for drinking. They can also be used for cooking, baking, and slow cooking. In the South, sodas are often the not-so-secret ingredient in a range of recipes, both savory and sweet. We’re sure you’ve heard of adding soda to cakes like Coca-Cola Cake and 7UP Bundt Cake, but soda can also be used in savory recipes like Braised Cola-and-Bourbon Brisket and Instant Pot BBQ Chicken. You’ll find each of these recipes and many more in our collection of recipes you can make with a can of soda.

You’ll find a variety of sodas on the ingredient list for these recipes, from classic cola and lemon-lime flavored sodas to distinctly Southern favorites like Dr Pepper and Cheerwine. No matter what your favorite soda is, we’re sure you’ll find a new way to enjoy it with one of these delicious recipes.


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