For some of us, a perfect cup of tea can be the best thing to start our day. Needless to say, tea lovers abound in this country. And, this love for tea hasn’t spared even Bollywood celebrities. Kiara Advani is one of them. The actress has posted a video that has got all of us drooling. On Instagram Stories, we see the actress showing off a cup of milk tea. It’s not just that. We also see her dunking a cookie into the cup of tea. Now, we know how heavenly that combination tastes, right?

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Take a look at Kiara’s post:


Kiara Advani’s morning started on a good note, no doubt. At first, she treated herself to a cup of tea. Then, she got to have some delicious cookies along with this beverage. What more could we ask for in order to begin the day on a good note?

Well, it seems Kiara’s morning was abundant with good food and drinks. She also shared another photo of her breakfast bowl. We can’t help but crave it.

It seems like Kiara is traveling. But that does not make her compromise on a good breakfast bowl.

In the photo that she shared we see a bowl of delicious pancakes topped with oodles of drool-worthy Nutella and peanut butter. Slices of strawberries and whole blackcurrants are also spread all over the bowl. We also notice a generous amount of pumpkin seeds in this scrumptious bowl.

The actress captioned it, “Breakfast on the go”, with an aeroplane emoji.


It’s summer and like a true foodie, Kiara Advani has embraced the taste of mangoes. After all, who can skip the delicious fruit in this season? The actress recently confessed her love for mangoes on Instagram. “I love Mango,” wrote Kiara in a post. And, we know she means it. In the photo that she shared, a slice of mango is cubed up. It also has a mint leaf on top.


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