This week, the official Aldi Instagram account (@aldiusa) made a post alerting their followers “German Week is here!” This year’s offerings include savory snacks, like a box of classic Bavarian soft pretzels and jars of Deutsche Küche beer mustard and sweet mustard to pair them with (via Mashup Mom). Shoppers who are craving a full German meal can also pick up a box of frozen pork schnitzels and a package of German cabbage blend for the side. And if desserts are more your thing, Aldi is offering no shortage of Deutsche Küche-branded German desserts and sweets, including apple strudel, chocolate covered wafers, and cakes like donauwelle and bienenstich, as well as a Specially Selected German chocolate mousse cake.

Many Instagram users reveled in the excitement over German Week’s return. “I love German week!! I stock up on the purple cabbage to last me until next time!” @mhhetzel celebrated, while another user called it “My favorite time at ALDI!!” “Worst part is I need much more freezer space!!!!” @trudytbo joked, while @ilpiuoscuro said “Honestly, German week should just be a permanent thing.” It doesn’t seem like the chain has any plans to do that anytime soon, so fans will simply have to stock up on their favorite German items while they can.

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