Here’s a peek into how my brain works: as soon as the calendar strikes May, I go into full summer mode. Pool party invites are out, swimsuits are on order, and I’m dreaming of those quintessential summer dishes like pasta al limone and grain salads. Here in Austin at least, you can’t really separate summertime meals from Tex-Mex. Many of us in the ATX happily live on tacos from May through August, whether tossed on the grill or picked up from a favorite spot. That said, summer is the time to keep it simple, so I love a Mexican recipe that is quick on prep and major on flavor. You too? Enter my five-ingredient sheet pan chicken fajitas.

Why sheet pan dinners rule.

My current favorite answer to the “what to cook for dinner tonight” conundrum? These sheet pan chicken fajitas that are quite literally made completely on one sheet pan, and when you line that pan with foil or parchment paper, the dreaded after-dinner clean-up becomes nonexistent.

The key to making sheet pan chicken fajitas with only a handful of ingredients is all in how you season it. This meal relies on boneless skinless chicken breast or tenderloins, bell peppers, and onions (doesn’t get more basic than that), and a generous sprinkle of taco seasoning that amps up the flavor. A high-quality store bought spice blend is full of all the same herbs and spices I’d mix up myself, but so much quicker.

What makes these sheet pan chicken fajitas a little healthier?

Tex-Mex often gets a bad rap for being greasy or heavy, and while that may be true in a restaurant setting, dishes like these chicken fajitas prove that Tex-Mex can be full of veggies and protein.

  • The base: Use corn tortillas if you want to keep them gluten-free (or like me, you just prefer the taste of corn tortillas over flour.) You could also make an amazing fajita salad by tossing this mixture with some shredded lettuce and pico .
  • See ya grease: Making these on a sheet pan in the oven allows you to use way less oil than if you were making them in a skillet (just a little olive oil before cooking.)
  • Fresh, flavorful toppings: Top them with more veggies: guacamole, pico de gallo, and cilantro. Though I do love a dollop of sour cream right at the end.

Let’s taco ’bout those 5 ingredients

Before anyone that my math is off, I should probably clarify that when I say “5 ingredients,” I’m not including pantry staples: olive oil, salt, and pepper. Also, the toppings to serve are optional, so… don’t count. Okay?

For a party, set out the fillings and garnishes with a stack of just-charred tortillas, and let everyone dig in. Summer is served!

Scroll on for the recipe, and be sure to drop a comment and tag us on Instagram if you make them!

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