There are very few foods that bring as much joy to our faces as the jalebi. Probably, that’s why the humble sweet dish has remained timeless and is liked by all age groups. It’s so attractive that it has been used as a prop in several successful ad campaigns. Movie stars and celebrities too can’t resist the temptation of this spiral but juicy Indian snack. Actor Varun Dhawan even shared a video on his Instagram Stories, showing acclaimed director Nitesh Tiwari relishing jalebis during the shoot of their next movie, titled Bawaal.

The video shows Tiwari among a crowd of people and Varun coming from behind. Varun then sees his director holding a paper bowl and eating from it. Surprised, he asks him, “Sir, you are eating jalebi in this heat and with so many people around.”

Jalebi ke liye main kuch bhi kar sakta hun (I can do anything for jalebi),” says Tiwari. “In fact, I shoot here because of jalebi,” he adds with a smile.


Even the mention of the word “jalebi” fills our mouth with water and rekindles the sweet tooth. It immediately takes us back to the neighbor sweet shop. At weddings and other parties too, jalebi has achieved quite an attraction. If you are missing the sweetest of all Indian sweets, then try making it at home. The recipe is simple and does not take more than 15-20 minutes. But don’t get your expectations too high as matching the neighbor halwaii will take some time.

Jalebis can be relished as a dessert after your breakfast or dinner. Or you can also eat it standalone, just like Nitesh Tiwari did, without worrying too much about the temperature.

Varun and Tiwari are shooting their next movie Bawaal, which is said to be a timeless love story. Tiwari made his directorial debut with Chiller Party in 2011, for which he won a National Film Award. He is widely recognised for directing the hugely successful Dangal in 2016.


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