Eggs are probably one of the easiest ingredients to cook with. Whether you make a quick omelette or enjoy a boiled egg salad, there are so many recipes out there that you can prepare without any hassle. Working with eggs in the kitchen is so easy that even beginner cooks can ace it. But would cooking eggs make you qualified to be called a master chef? Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay recently took to Instagram to react to one such video of a person cooking eggs. The disastrous results of cooking eggs in the clip prompted Ramsay to share an epic reaction to the same. Take a look:

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This video was shared by Gordon Ramsay’s official Instagram handle @gordongram. Since the time it was posted on Reels, it has raked in 5.6 million views and 283k likes in the span of just 24 hours. Gordon Ramsay is known for his hilarious take on trending cooking videos across the world. His witty and harsh style of criticism has become his signature or trademark move and regularly leaves internet users in splits.

In the clip, the chef had a bowl of whisked eggs in his hand. He poured the mix into a frying pan that had melted butter in it. The bowl accidentally slipped from his hand, and the entire frying pan as well as the bowl went straight to the ground. “Masterchef, get a grip,” exclaimed Gordon Ramsay in the video. “Make sure you actually cook your eggs this weekend,” advised Ramsay in the caption of the post.

Instagram users were in splits after seeing Gordon Ramsay’s epic reaction to the chef making eggs. Several of them left their comments below the video. “When you fail so hard to the point that Chef Gordon himself makes fun of you,” wrote one user while another said, “Masterchef… more like disaster chef, am I right?” Another Instagram user wrote, “Food so bad both the pan and the bowl put themselves out of misery!”

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