Inside “Zabar’s: A Family Story, with Recipes,” there’s a family tree for the deli dynasty from 1870 to the present. Lori Zabar, the author and family historian who died in February, provides a map of Ukraine, showing Ostropol, where the Zabarkas were rooted before emigrating to America and shortening their name. Ms. Zabar, a lawyer and art historian, recounts the relative comfort the Zabarkas enjoyed in Ukraine as well as the antisemitic atrocities they suffered. She recounts their arrival in New York and the establishment of their Jewish-style appetizing store in 1934, along with family photos and a rich cityscape of the ever-evolving Upper West Side. Ms. Zabar describes the foods and other items sold at Zabar’s and the employees that sell them, and gives family for Jewish staples like recipes chopped liver and blintzes. The foreword is by The Times’s Julia Moskin.

“Zabar’s: A Family Story, with Recipes” by Lori Zabar (Schocken Books, $28).

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